Another advantage for choosing Chinor hotel is the presence of the modern indoor pool.
Visiting the pool is an incredibly pleasant and useful procedure.

Main features:

  • The length of the pool is 14 meters , width-6 meters, depth-1.80
  • Water heating with a temperature of 26-28°C
  • The water in the pool is filtered and chlorinated. Standards of PH are observed, water quality is constantly monitored, sanitary norms and standards are maintained.
  • The room, where our guests rest, corresponds to the idea of European comfort.
  • The modern design of the spacious hall and the cosy relaxation areas create a sense of peace.
  • The pool is free for all hotel guests
  • The time spent in the health complex - from 10-00 to 22-00
  • For storage of personal belongings provided lockers with code locks.
  • Towels are provided for each guest who wishes to bathe.
  • Underage children must attend the swimming pool in the presence of adults.
  • 50,000 sum per hour for non-residents.

est in our gorgeous swimming pool will be useful for every visitor of the hotel, and will bring a lot of positive emotions and impressions!